March Consulting History

March Consulting Associates Inc. was formed as the result of change and a commitment to live and work in Saskatchewan.

In the late 1940s, Kilborn Engineering began working on Saskatchewan projects. In 1976, a Saskatoon office was established to accomodate the company's growing amount of work in the province. By the time that SNC-Lavalin bought out Kilborn Engineering in 1997, the Saskatoon office had approximately 300 employees. However, due to the recession in Saskatchewan at that time, multi-national SNC-Lavalin decided to close their Saskatoon operations.

Though employees were offered employment in other SNC-Lavalin offices throughout Canada, a small group who were dedicated to the development and success of Saskatchewan chose to stay and form the core of March Consulting Associates Inc. Of the original 30 that founded March in 1999, many remain with us today. Employee-owned and operated, we now employ over 100 Saskatchewanians and maintain the values that we began with: a strong sense of integrity and a passion for the province we live and work in.

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