March Consulting Project Management

Our diverse team of project management professionals take a project from conception to completion on time and on budget. March has developed a systematic approach for the completion of projects in order to ensure overall project efficiency and ultimate success for all project stakeholders.  The March Project Delivery Process (MPDP) has been structured to provide the flexibility to allow March to tailor the specifics of the plan to meet client requirements.  A standard project delivery roadmap provides the framework to clearly define a project-specific plan that will aid both the March project team as well as the client in the timely completion of project milestones.

The MPDP utilizes a gated approach to the completion of projects where the project is broken down into distinct phases specific to the characteristics of that project.  Specific project management, engineering, procurement and construction management tasks and deliverables are identified in each project phase.  These tasks are completed prior to moving through the gate and onto the subsequent project phases.  Any uncompleted tasks introduce risk to the project. These risks are identified and control plans implemented to mitigate the impacts from these risks. This approach ensures the systematic completion of deliverables prior to progressing to the next phase of work. This serves to increase overall project efficiency and reduce unnecessary project delays or re-work.

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