Mechanical Engineering


March’s Mechanical Engineers and Designers utilize 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis to help clients visualize their projects. The use of such models increases the efficiency of the design, fabrication and installation processes.


Mechanical Engineering

We have experience in a number of areas including mine hoists, mine shafts, bulk material handling, piping and pumping, ventilation, HVAC, machine design, lifting equipment, tanks, silos, pressure vessels and rotating equipment.


Our diverse team of engineers and technologists possess experience in a number of areas, including:


Mine Hoists & Shafts:

  • Hoist equipment, including friction hoists, drum hoists, hoist break systems and friction hoist-cycle optimization

  • Hoist, balance and guide ropes and attachments; guide rope tensioning

  • Deflection sheaves

  • Skips and skip arrestor systems

  • Loading pocket design - Hoist mechanical systems inspection 

Bulk Material Handling:

  • Belt, screw and drag conveyors

  • Bucket elevators

  • Product sizing equipment, including grizzlies, vibrating screens and crushers

  • Bulk weighers and sampling equipment

  • Loading chutes - Diverter, slide and arc gates

  • Feeders 

Piping & Pumping:

  • Intelligent Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

  • Stress analysis

  • Specification writing

  • Slurry systems

  • HDPE single and dual contained systems 

  • Hydraulic Modeling

Industrial Ventilation & HVAC:

  • Industrial ventilation

  • Mine ventilation & radiation protection in the uranium industry

  • Lab ventilation and fume hood design

  • Office building HVAC

  • Fume collection

  • Dust control - Dry and wet scrubbers

  • Baghouses

  • Stack design

  • Industrial boilers

Advanced Machine Design:

  • Space based systems

  • Ground support systems for satellites

  • Synchrotron detectors and robotic sample handling - Manufacturing systems

  • Industrial equipment

Tanks, Bins and Pressure Vessels:

  • ASME pressure vessels

  • API tanks

  • Thickeners and clarifiers

  • Float cells

  • Bulk material bins


  • Material selection and welding design

  • Steel, stainless steel, and exotics

  • Wear resistant materials 


  • Jig design - Engineered lift lugs

  • Welding practice and procedures

  • Fabrication supervision

  • Field installation verification

  • Quality assurance/quality control

Energy Conservation:

  • Energy recovery

  • Energy audits

  • Energy modeling

  • Heat exchangers

Lifting Equipment:

  • Overhead traveling cranes - various categories and capacities

  • Jigs and fixtures

  • Lifting beam design and rigging calculations


Mechanical Engineering Project Experience