Our Board

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Henry Feldkamp, M.A.SC., P.ENG., FCSCE, FEC

Henry Feldkamp, M.A.SC., P.Eng., FCSCE, FEC, FGC(HON)

Henry Feldkamp co-founded March Consulting Associates Inc. in 1999. Formerly serving in the role of President, he was instrumental in the growth and development of March. In September 2013, Henry was appointed Chairman. With over 4 decades of professional engineering experience, Henry has the ability and experience to provide both managerial and technical leadership.

Henry has consulted on projects across Canada and around the world. Specialized in structural engineering, Henry has been involved in a myriad of structural design, upgrades, investigations, and evaluation projects in roles ranging from structural engineer to project sponsor.

Henry has served as President of the Association of Professional Engineers of Saskatchewan (APES). During his presidency, The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act was proclaimed bringing the two professions under a single act. Henry is a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and Engineers Canada and Honorary Fellow of Geoscientists Canada.

Ritu Malhotra, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Ritu Malhotra, Ph.D., P.Eng.

An accomplished business leader with experience in engineering, leadership and board governance; Ritu is currently the President of March Consulting Associates Inc. (March) and has been with March for close to seven years. In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer of March, she also has the overall responsibility of all operations, which include leases and contracts, IT, accounting and human resources departments. Over the years, she has developed a combination of technical expertise, management and communication skills, which has helped her to establish excellent relationships with clients, both internal and external.

Ritu serves on the Board of Governors of the University of Saskatchewan (U of S Board) and is the Chair of Human Resources as well as Land and Facilities’ Committee for the U of S Board. As of May 2019, Ritu also serves on the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Industrial & Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA). Her other external professional engagements include being on the executive of the IEEE North Saskatchewan Section since 2015 and on the Women in Mining/Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Committee since 2016.

Mark Fracchia, P.ENG.

Mark Fracchia, P.Eng.
Board Director

Mark Fracchia was President, PCS Potash at PotashCorp from July 2014 until his retirement in January 2018. He was previously Vice President, Safety, Health and Environment at PotashCorp; and General Manager at PotashCorp’s Rocanville, Lanigan and New Brunswick facilities. He began his career with Kalium Canada Ltd, and joined Potash Company of America before the latter was acquired by PotashCorp.

Mr. Fracchia has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.

Kyle Krushelniski, P.ENG., PMP

Kyle Krushelniski, P.Eng., PMP
Board Director

Kyle Krushelniski is the Director, Studies and New Projects at March Consulting.

He is an accomplished professional engineer with over 15 years of experience. He has excelled in the fields of project management, machine design, and compliance testing. Kyle’s major strengths include the ability to anticipate project hurdles, understand complicated system interactions, devise unique and effective solutions, and execute standardized or custom test procedures.

Sarah Gauthier, M.ENG, PRO.DIR, PMP, P.ENG.

Sarah Gauthier, M.Eng., PRO.DIR, PMP, P.Eng.
Board Director

Sarah Gauthier is an Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering. She is also Owner and Co-Founder of Missinipi Water Solutions, which is based in Saskatoon, SK.

Ms. Gauthier holds a M.Eng and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to completing these degrees, she also completed a B.Sc. in Microbiology at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to these degrees, she also holds Pro.Dir, PMP and P.Eng designations.