Engineering Assessment for Furnace Location - Westmoreland Coal Company

March performed a hazardous area classification study to determine if the proposed location for the installation of the new indirect fired furnace, located outside of their existing tipple building and truck loading station, meets the applicable codes and ensure that the proposed furnace location is deemed non-hazardous.

After review of the Canadian Electrical Code and relevant NFPA codes, March determined that the proposed furnace location was non-hazardous. The following recommendations were made:

  • Furnace is designed using industry best practices and is suitable for the outdoor industrial environment where it will be operating.

  • Intake filter is supplied on the combustion air to filter out any particulates and/or duct the furnace intake up or away from the dusty area. This will protect against intake of dust. March also offered to provide a proposal for the ducting and structural platform design.

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