Test Cavern & Wellfield Design - K+S Potash Canada (Legacy Project)

March executed two relevant projects for the KSPC Legacy Project. The first was an EPC for Test Cavern 1, which was the pilot injection system used to test cavern development for planning future mining activities. This included the design of the fresh water injection system, above ground precrete lined pipelines, valve station to control the flow into and out of the test cavern, storage tanks, blanket fluid injection system, blanket fluid separation, and brine disposal pumping.

March was also responsible for the basic engineering and detailed design for the wellfield including Pads 2 through 5. This includes:

  • Civil design – access road, pad area, & ponds

  • Structural design – valve house building, foundation, & drill rig pad

  • Mechanical design – valve house piping module, buried distribution piping, & wellhead piping

  • Electrical design – 25 kV buried distribution line, transformers, & valve house electrical

  • Instrumentation design – buried fiber optic cables, control philosophy, & specifications

  • Procurement – all equipment for Pads 2 – 3 including negotiating agreements for future pad equipment supply