Since 1999, March has had the pleasure of working with many clients in the heavy industrial sector. Our experience spans mining and minerals, utilities, agriculture and manufacturing and fabrication industries.

Being located in Saskatchewan, our largest clients are in the potash and uranium industries.

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We have experience in all facets of Potash Mining, including:

  • Underground Mining Infrastructure including storage, bins and mine ventilation

  • Solution mining, especially wellfield development and brine extraction wells and ponds

  • Potash process plants, specifically, compaction plants and load out facilities

  • Potash studies, including pre-feasibility, feasibility, trade-off and due diligence studies

  • Ore Flow modeling including time based simulations and identification of bottlenecks in the material handling system.

  • Project Management, Services and Delivery, including EPCM and EPC services

 To learn more about our recent Potash projects, visit the Potash section of the Mining and Minerals page.

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With a long history in the Uranium industry, we have developed expertise and understanding in the following areas:

  • Mine and process/mill optimization and design

  • Environmental and safety services including HAZOPs, HAZIDs and risk assessments

  • Project Management, Services and Delivery including EPCM and EPC services

To learn more about our recent Uranium projects, visit the Uranium section of the Mining and Minerals page. 

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Through our work with various clients and the diverse backgrounds of our employees, we have a diverse portfolio of other sectors that we operate in, including utilities and agriculture. The services we offer these clients, combined with our clients in mining and minerals, have further contributed to Manufacturing and Fabrication Services becoming one of our core specialties. Our clients require custom mechanical machinery and equipment be designed for their unique operations. We work with fabrication shops to supply our clients with custom solutions that address their unique requirements.

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