Structural and Civil Engineering


Our Civil and Structural department has a wide range of expertise and experience throughout the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. March’s engineers and designers have executed a wide variety of projects ranging from structural component replacement, to new processing plants and everything in between.


Civil and Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering specialties include asset integrity, design of thin-walled shell structures (silos and tanks), computational mechanics and 3D modeling, maintenance, inspections, structural health monitoring and lifting devices.

On the Civil Engineering side, we have experience with pond design, civil works, below ground infrastructure and wastewater and potable water treatment systems.


A full list of our services in the Structural and Civil Engineering discipline can be found below.


Water Treatment:

  • Design and operation of wastewater and potable water treatment systems with specialization in Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)

Belowground Infrastructure:

  • Wastewater, storm water and potable water distribution systems

  • Buried electrical systems

  • Road and rail utility crossings

Industrial Structures:

  • Building & equipment foundations, platforms and walkways

  • Design of various underground concrete structures.

  • Design of sumps and road crossing structures.


  • Design of new headframes.

  • Retrofit of existing headframes to support new equipment upgrades.


  • Welding procedures, practice and design for a variety of structural steel and mechanical equipment.

Aboveground Infrastructure:

  • Site layout, grading and drainage

  • Mine access, in-plant and municipal roads

  • Rail spurs and rail yard layouts

Lifting Equipment:

  • Procurement, design, retrofits and modifications of Electrical Overhead Traveling (EOT), jib and under-hung cranes.

Underground Mining Structures:

  • Design of new underground loading pockets structure.

  • Retrofitting underground mining structures.

  • Design of support systems for conveyors, bins and other underground equipment.

Structural Modeling:

  • Seismic design of low-rise and high-rise buildings.

  • Dynamic analysis of vibrating equipment structures and foundations.

  • Finite element analysis of complex structures.

Finite Element Analysis, Structural Modeling, And Computational Mechanics:

  • State of the art simulation and finite element modeling of complex structures, ranging from custom structural connections to large heavy industrial buildings

  • Dynamic analysis and transient response of structures and foundations

  • Fatigue analysis of structures subjected to fluctuating loads.

  • Thermal stress analysis of structures subjected to high process and environmental temperature gradients.

  • Design optimization and cost reduction using state of the art numerical simulation.

General Buildings:

  • Industrial and mining buildings to house pumps, electrical equipment, hoisting equipment, distribution and process equipment.

  • Expertise in working with a variety of building materials including structural steel, masonry, reinforced concrete and timber.

  • Building layouts to comply with fire regulations and the National Building Code.

  • Design and building layouts of interior renovations and major expansions.

  • Investigations and inspections.


  • Environmental fluid retention ponds

  • Tailings and waste disposal

  • Erosion control

Construction Supervision:

  • General construction coordination with the client and the general contractor.

  • Quality control and quality assurance of the materials and the workmanship.


Structural & Civil Engineering Project Experience